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Hiding your cellphone and sms affair details

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The information in this post is EXTREMELY important. It’s very easy to hide your movements on a computer. We already discussed a few effective methods to do this.

Cell communications are harder to hide. Much harder. Spouses check phone bills. Phone bills get affairs exposed. Most spouses’ first move is to dig up and find unknown numbers. In this public world, uncovering information is easy to do.

If your affair partner ever shared their phone number using twitter, it’s now on the web – forever. Same with Facebook. One Google search and it’s over.

Too many calls or texts to unknown numbers raise suspicions. So does carrying around a second phone.

The absolute BEST option to not get caught cheating is to NEVER use your real phone number to call / get calls from your affair partner.

There are options you can use instead of receiving calls on your main phone line:

METHOD #1 – Buy a Prepaid Phone Card

This enables you to rotate your numbers and not get committed to one number. For a mere $10, you can get a new number every 2 months for a whole new set of affairs.

You pop the SIM card into your phone when you need to check messages, make a call, or bulk-answer SMS messages. You keep the SIM card next to you Prepaid Debit Card, ideally in a wallet with a secret compartment.

Remember: it’s easier to explain to your affair partner why they always get voicemail than to explain to your spouse why you have 6 missed calls from a number that’s not in your contact list.

Simple & Effective.

METHOD #2 – Signup For Google Voice

Google Voice is also a good option to consider. Give your mistress your Google Voice number, and forward her calls to your new prepaid phone. Google Voice is a service that lets you get a completely new phone number. You can setup rules for which of your phone numbers a call should go to, based on who’s calling.

For example: if your mistress calls your Google Voice phone number, you can forward your call to your new prepaid SIM card. Don’t worry about not being able to answer every time you get a call. Google Voice let’s you listen to, manage and even make calls from a browser. You can check that periodically and answer at will. It also lets you make calls from any phone using your Google Voice number. If you’re sitting at the office, you can use Google Voice to call your affair partner. You talk from your office phone, but your affair partner sees your Google Voice number on her call display.